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Praise God for Snow!

Updated: Feb 6

Snow in Knoxville

One of the many beautiful aspects of life in East Tennessee is our ability to enjoy all four seasons each year. Over the last few years, I have spoken with many people who are attracted to this area for that reason. Some desired to escape a life of seemingly permanent Summers. In contrast, others had grown weary of long Winters dominated by snow. Life in East Tennessee is marked by the rhythm of the seasons. By God's grace, we experience the constant reminder of His faithfulness to His covenant promise in Genesis 8 each time we move to the next season of the year. Though Knoxville has a Winter every year, it only sometimes snows. And it is even rarer to get a big snow that stays on the ground for several days. So, as snow blankets the greater Knoxville area this week, let's not miss this perfect opportunity to reflect on God's goodness and grace!

The Image of Snow

In Isaiah 1:18, God, speaking through the prophet, tells His hearers that though their sins are scarlet, they can be made as white as snow. This snow metaphor speaks volumes about the transformative power of God's grace. The day before this latest snowstorm fell on Knoxville, you could look out around you seeing brown dirt, bushes of multiple colors, and even some green grass. Yet when the snow fell, everything was covered in white. God gives an image of snow covering the ground to show how completely His grace deals with our sins, bringing purity and restoration. Each snowfall is a reminder of the forgiveness we receive through Christ. Snow's pristine whiteness symbolizes God's grace's cleansing and purifying work in our lives. In the winter landscape, we witness a visual representation of God's promise to make us new and whole. Each snowstorm points us to our need for Jesus. May He use this latest snowstorm to bring many to repentance and faith in Himself for their salvation from their sins and for His glory!

The Uniqueness of Snowflakes

Psalm 147:16-17 draws our attention to the uniqueness of snowflakes, stating that God sends these crystals of ice to His earth. In the intricate design of each snowflake, we glimpse the glory of our Creator, Who delights in variety and detail. Consider the marvel that each individual snowflake is unlike any other. In a world that often values conformity, pragmatism, and function over beauty, God's creativity shines through the diversity of His snowflakes. It can be breathtaking to see the beauty of freshly fallen snow, yet we cannot see how beautiful that snow truly is. Within your view are countless individual works of art that God has made for His pleasure and glory. If the Lord takes such care in the creation of snowflakes, should that not cause every person, being made in the image of God, to stop and praise Him for all His glorious works of creation? The Bible tells us in Psalm 139 that humans are fearfully and wonderfully made. The intricate patterns of snowflakes echo this greater truth. Our Creator is infinite and almighty; each snowflake that falls from the sky is a testament to His craftsmanship.

The Sovereignty of God

In Job 37, God's majesty and sovereignty are proclaimed in the testimony that He is entirely in control of all weather. Specifically, it states that God directs the snow to fall on the earth. The sovereignty of God is evident in the precise orchestration of weather patterns, and snow becomes a divine instrument playing the symphony of His providence. Instead of viewing the different forms of weather that we experience as a nuisance, it is better to allow it all to drive us to praise the One Who sends it. In the seemingly random arrangement of snowflakes, God's ordered plan unfolds. The command that brings each snowflake's descent reflects the meticulous care with which God governs every aspect of His creation. Like the journey of a snowflake, our lives are guided by the hand of the sovereign God, Who knows the end from the beginning. Praise the Lord that He is in control! Praise the Lord that He is good!

The Briefness of Life

James 4:14 compares our lives to a mist that appears briefly and then vanishes. Snowflakes, too, are fleeting, existing only for a brief moment in time. Before it melts, the short time of snow serves as a poignant reminder of the transience of life. Just as a snowflake melts upon contact with warmth, our earthly existence is temporary. As the snow melts in the days ahead, consider the brevity of life. Consider your priorities, goals, lifestyle, and relationship with your Creator. One day, probably sooner than you expect, you will be brought in death before the Lord. You will enter heaven if you have been saved from your sins by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Dear reader, do not delay; do not let another minute pass without receiving Christ in faith and loving Him with your entire being. God created each snowflake by His will and for His glory. In a more excellent way, our lives, though brief, hold immense value in the eyes of our eternal Creator. Christians know this truth because, as Acts 20 tells us, Jesus Christ redeemed His people with His own blood.

Tieing It All Together

In the beauty of snow, we find a canvas painted with the hues of God's grace, sovereignty, and creativity. Isaiah's words come alive as we witness the gospel picture of the transformative power of grace through the vivid image of snow covering the earth. Each snowflake, a masterpiece of divine craftsmanship, reflects the glorious diversity woven into the fabric of creation, especially as we see the diversity of how God's image bearers look. As winter unfolds its silent symphony, let us pause to marvel at the grace that covers our sins like a blanket of snow. May the individuality of snowflakes remind us of our unique design and purpose in God's grand redemptive narrative. And in each snowflake's delicate descent, may we find assurance in the sovereign orchestration of our lives by the God Who holds all things in His hands. Amid winter's embrace, let us see beyond the surface and perceive the more profound truths embedded in the delicate intricacies of snowflakes. These truths point us to our Creator's boundless grace, glory, and sovereignty.


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